Kylie Cloney has been a star pupil thanks to her hunger for more evidence based approaches to the health and wellbeing of all of her clients. Her dedication to this and to finding new answers to increasingly complex health issues ensures that clients are in great hands when under her care.

Rachel Arthur – Integrative Nutrition – Professional Educator –  BHSc BNat(Hons)

Kylie has been our family’s  health practitioner for over 8 years, and in that time she has positively transformed the health and wellbeing of each member of my family. In particular, through the right tests, nutrition and supplements Kylie has changed my sons life and re-written his future. He has gone from being overly sensitive and highly anxious, to resilient, calm and jovial. Kylie is thorough and scientific in her assessment, efficient in her treatment plans and most importantly to me, warm, kind and down to earth. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Erin Reece

I’ve seen Kylie a number of times and I found her to be extremely knowledable and approachable. She is a wonderful practitioner and has helped me balance out my mineral and hormonal levels and so that I am finally feeling like myself again! Thank you xx
Kylies knowledge and commitment in helping me achieve optimal health has been the best by far! Working closely under Kylies direction I have turned my health around. I started my journey with Kylie dealing with anxiety, debilitating skin issues, allergies and hormone imbalances. Before seeing Kylie, I spent a fortune on products and medicines which only acted as a band-aid cure. I am so proud of how far I have come on my journey and I no longer have any skin problems, anxiety, imbalances and manage my allergies well. I highly recommend Cairns Naturopathic Clinic if you want to get to the bottom and root cause of any issues you are facing.


I highly recommend visiting Kylie for health management and personal Life Coaching. I attended with chronic sleep issues, hormonal imbalance and high Stress levels. I’m now a relaxed person who sleeps well, has balanced moods and understands my body. I feel Kylie is very down to earth and genuinely wants to help.


Without Kylie’s help I could never have begun my healthy food journey to wellness. I truly appreciate  her guidance, support, professional take on health, and most of all her compassion.


Kylie’s knowledge of the body’s chemistry is extensive and without her help in unravelling my health issues I don’t know where I’d be. Her consultation, diagnosis and treatment has been thorough and accurate. Kylie is lovely and friendly as well.


I am a national and international body building champion. Without Kylie my ability to train and compete would have ended two years ago after suffering chronic fatigue and ongoing infections which followed glandular fever. Little did I know, Kylie would also help me manage the causes of severe anxiety and gut issues, problems I had seen many specialists about over many years with no changes.   We worked with foods and supplements that are specific to my individual needs and genetics with a focus on nourishing my mind, body and spirit.. Being aware of the impact of mental and emotional wellbeing on the body and using her knowledge to compliment my athletic lifestyle. What a pleasure it has been for me to have Kylie on this journey with me. Her never ending support, compassion and enthusiasm for health & development of the human body is enriching.

Melanie Reynolds 

“Just like a photo does not capture the full beauty of nature, words do not capture the full essence of Kylie. Both nature and Kylie Cloney need to be experienced first-hand to capture their beauty and awesomeness. Kylie’s strong yet gentle manner along with her intuition which enables her to get you focusing on what you really want is what makes her so awesome. Add to this her extensive knowledge of health science, naturopathic medicine, nutritional medicine and western herbal medicine and you get an incredible practitioner who has the personality and knowledge to assist you in working towards achieving optimal health. Kylie Cloney has made a positive difference in my life and for that I am thankful.”

Helen Underwood

My 4 year old son was suffering from high anxiety and had boundless energy and difficulty sleeping – he feared being alone.  Since visiting Kylie we identified the issues impacting on him and now our son is more relaxed and finally sleeps throughout the night in his own bed (he had slept with us since he was a baby).  Thank you Kylie we highly recommend your services and we sincerely appreciate everything you have done for our son and us as a family.

Nicole Dent

Kylie has helped me to get relief from chronic blepharitis.  I was nearly driven mad with this condition, and had no hope that I would ever be free of it – as this was what I was led to believe by an eye specialist.  I am so grateful to be symptom free.  Due to Kylie’s thorough assessment and holistic approach, I was pleasantly surprised when she was also able to significantly improve a number of my other issues, including dermatitis and diverticulitis. Kylie has helped me to understand the importance of gut health and the role it plays in fighting disease and gaining overall good health and well being.  And thanks to Kylie, I’ve also experienced the benefits of good quality supplements.  Although it took a little bit of time to get results, I’m so glad I persevered with the treatments and I appreciate the support and information along the way. The results are way beyond what I thought was possible.

Penny Guthrie

When I first met Kylie I was suffering from full body painful Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogrens Syndrome. I had trialed a number of medications from pills to infusions and injections. All failed except the injections I had been on for 2 years which were failing too. After having blood and food intolerant tests with Kylie I changed my diet and removed the foods causing inflammation and started on vitamins to heal and support my body. I have been in  remission now for 12 months and are no longer taking any form of pain blockers or medication.  I follow my eating guide from Kylie and control my illness through her guidance. This has been a life changing positive journey and I will be forever grateful thank you for your confidence,professionalism and healing. Everyday is a new beginning.


I just wanted to say that Michael and I really appreciate your thorough approach, commitment and dedication to helping our family peel those layers to get to the bottom cause of some of our health ailments. I wish there was more practitioners out there who care and are devoted to their clients like you!! Your knowledge and expertise, patience and personable approach leaves us with confidence and a feeling of re-assurance and gratitude. I’m so happy that we found you.

Thank you x

Nicole Z

“I have had gut, mood and other issues since childhood, which later morphed into severe CFS (Chronic Fatigue), which I had for over 30 years. I have seen many doctors, specialists and other types of health practitioners, and tried many, many different types of therapies, both in Australia and overseas, all without success – that is until I met Kylie over 2 years ago, when I was aged 62. Kylie has patiently and methodically pieced together the jigsaw of my life, including my DNA, and returned me to the best health, that I can recall. From my own experience, I can only but highly recommend her, as everyone else I had seen had come to a ‘dead end’, and said I may just have to live with my condition for life.”


As a nurse confronted with mainstream medicine, life throws different curve balls that modern medicine puts in the miscellaneous basket, whilst they can’t help or acknowledge shortcomings, it leaves you the patient without a lot of options.  I met Kylie through another Naturopath and was eternally grateful.  Having been diagnosed MTHFR supplementation was extremely difficult, having spent years not really supplemented correctly, suffering with fatigue, depression and thyroid dysfunction nothing on all the usual testing indicated a need for intervention.  Having commenced proper MTHFR supplementation, Adrenal Rebuilders and additional care recommended by Kylie morning energy is slowly returning and life is returning to an even keel.  Kylie is not only a beautiful, intelligent and intuitive human being she is educated, clever and courageous, prepared to walk the journey to wholeness.  I feel comfortable in her care because of her qualifications and willingness to integrate medicine.  As I have said to Kylie before, medicine can have an arrogance that leaves us without wellness, Kylie walks with you into wellness in a patient practitioner relationship that produces results.  Love your work Kylie.


Life’s too short not to say things that are important. I just wanted you to know that we credit you for being the person who helped us save or son!! He is such a different boy now thanks to your help. Words cannot express how much you have helped us, but here goes. Thank you soooo much from the bottom of our hearts.


I have been going to the Cairns Naturopathic Clinic for a few years now. Kylie has helped me to overcome some long term conditions that doctors could not help with. I have found her professional with an ability to really listen to me. I like the fact that Kylie thoroughly explains exactly what is going on in my body and how she is able to help me.  The clinic is easy to find, always clean with a welcoming atmosphere. I have no hesitation referring friends and clients to Kylie.


I decided to see Kylie as I was trying to fall pregnant for 12 months with no success.  Kylie was very professional and knowledgeable and gave some really good advise.  After 3  months on trying Kylie’s magic potion (as she likes to call it) I fell pregnant.  I have recommended Kylie to quite a few friends who have all been impressed by her service.  A lovely lady.


Kylie has not only changed my life, but my 14yr old son as well…Within the first 2 visits Kylie was able diagnose the underlying cause of my problems and put me on a path that has actually been life changing. Through finding these results, she found that my 14yr old son had inherited similar genetic traits. His moods and learning ability have greatly improved. With every visit we learn something new and are being taught how to improve our quality of life…


My meetings with Kylie changed my thinking about food, my figure completely changed for the better and my energy levels are much higher. The whole experience has made me a better person for ME.


Kylie’s consultations helped shape my life.  I went to Kylie knowing I was unhappy about certain things, I didn’t have medical problems but I had upsets in how my life was.  Kylie creates a comfortable and non-judgemental environment; and has a way to work with you through uncovering an alternative way to think and be!


I’ve taken my ‘mother issue’ with me to all my therapists for the past 15 years, and nothing has come close to the healing that has been facilitated through your treatment. And in one session!! A miracle, yes. Thankyou.


My son had been diagnosed with ADD, learning difficulties and Neophobia (a fear of new foods.) His diet was extremely self restricted he was underweight and had massive mood swings throughout each day. After Kylie’s assessment and continued treatment. He now rarely has a mood swing, his teachers have noted a
big improvement in concentration, he has gained weight and has become a much more confident happy kid who is navigating through life in a positive way. Kylie’s understanding, compassion and commitment to helping my son was the answer we were looking for. I am not sure where my son would be now or what his future would hold if we had not sought her invaluable guidance.


Kylie listened to my concerns about my health and in particularly my menstrual cycles. Within two months I was feeling much more balanced and more energetic. Within three months, my husband and I had fallen pregnant, something we had been trying to do for sometime without any luck. Kylie has been helpful throughout this journey, she is a good listener and responsive to her patients.


I was at my wit’s end when I went to Kylie. I was eating properly and exercising and was not losing weight and my doctor told me I was in the obese category on the medical weight scale! Within the first 2 weeks on Kylie’s program I lost 5 kilos!  As the kilos started to drop away, my commitment to losing weight became even more focussed. As well as losing weight, I have more energy and focus in my personal and professional life. My work and social commitments are focussed around food – working lunch, power breakfast, coffee get together. With Kylie’s guidance and support, I have been able to continue my lifestyle and lose weight. Having lost 20 kilos in 16 weeks, I am well on my way to my target of losing 30 kilos!!


In my struggle with infertility I found Kylie to be so supportive, not only in her capacity as a Naturopath, but in her ability to make me feel like I was finally being heard. I wanted to achieve a pregnancy without the use of drugs, and Kylie played a huge part in making that become a reality for me. Her knowledge and professional guidance have been invaluable to me in so many ways.’


After about ten years of visiting doctors between NZ and Australia and being told there was nothing wrong with me or that I was low in iron, you were the only person who fixed me. Life is 1000 times easier now, it use to be such a drag. I can wake up in the morning feeling great, get through the whole day without needing a sleep or feeling heavy and sluggish. My relationships with friends and work mates are better as I no longer get grumpy. I feel like I can do anything now, so much positive happy energy. I feel a bit annoyed that I struggled for 10 years when I didn’t need to, but thank goodness I found you. I haven’t needed a Doctor since before I saw you, where I use to get regular kidney infections. Thank you for doing what you do, I tell everyone about my visits to you. I can now do the things I love to do.


I am so incredibly grateful to Kylie. For as long as I can remember I have had sleeping problems and thought that I could never make it through the night without getting up to the toilet. With Kylie’s guidance over the last 10 months I am now sleeping 7 hours straight. To anyone else who can’t sleep, go see Kylie.


I have had plantar warts for 22 years (despite trying all the over-the-counter and home remedies) . I have had them cut out, and after a lengthy recovery period, I was very disappointed that both warts returned.  I went through a freezing process for them once a week for four months.  After that, I took my warts to a podiatrist who recommended treating them with acid.  After more painful recovery time, he said they needed another round…but they still weren’t gone and I refused a third round of acid treatment.  I agreed to try a different approach of healing the warts from an internal perspective with Kylie’s treatment. Within 2 weeks, both warts were gone – and this was confirmed a few months later by the podiatrist. Several years later there is no return of them. I wish I’d consulted Kylie about my warts before enduring that painful year! I would highly recommend her services as a naturopath.