About Kylie


Kylie Cloney – Naturopath and Health Scientist


Kylie Cloney is a practicing Health Scientist and a registered Naturopath with a focus on Integrative medicine.  She holds a Bachelor degree in Health Science with a major in Complementary Medicine.  Kylie is owner of Cairns Naturopathic Clinic a busy and integrative health practice in Far North Queensland where she works with doctors and patients to establish optimal health.  Kylie has written publications for Australian Natural Health Magazine and The Anti-Aging Doctor.   Her clinic catch phrase – ‘Wellness for Life – Because Life Should be lived’ represents her desire to promote optimal health for people and our future generations.

Kylie has over 7 years of diverse clinical experience working with chronic and complex disease states. Specialising in biochemical individuality, mental health, gut microbiology, epigenetics and environmental medicine. She is a strong advocate for the merging of nutritional and natural medicine to join with mainstream medicine.  She believes this will provide a dynamic and effective broad spectrum health care system for people.

Her passion for educating and empowering others to understand their individual health and wellbeing, along with the frustration of watching people be misinformed by unreliable sources, inspired the development of her wellness for life program. The program delivers highly insightful, short video presentations for public education providing a source of insightful, trustworthy and evidence based health information that is easy to understand and applicable to you and your loved ones.